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About Us


  • Together, we can make great things!

    Our company’s name is especially apt. We truly are avid designers, engineers, and machinists – innovators constantly striving to create the best products possible with the utmost appreciation for clean design and solid execution.

    AVID Labs® aims for an ideal, people-centric functionality, achieved through an alloy of usefulness, aesthetics, and manufacturability.

    Let our team help you create the product you envisioned.

    Together, we can make great things!



    AVID Labs® LLC is passionate about product design. We partner with clients to create innovative, functional, elegant products and then bring those products to market. Our expertise is in the conception, design, engineering services and manufacture of unique products in small-to-medium-volume runs.


    Design, Creativity, Innovation and Service are the values that characterize our business.


Our Promise...

We take product design seriously.

We promise:

  • To get your product to market faster and with a higher return on investment than our competitors by employing a lean product development process.
  • To execute your project with the highest quality and minimal risk
  • To collaborate with you, sharing our knowledge and keeping you informed of our successes as well as our failures. You should have peace of mind throughout the process and enjoy the journey of product design and development.
  • That you own the idea and the work we do for you. You can take over the project at any point.
  • Your experience is always first at AVID Labs®. We’re here to serve you!