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Bob Kartman

  • Engineering Manager

    With a background in space and radio communications systems, Bob Kartman faces new challenges at AVID Labs® with grace and ease: “I enjoy the fast-paced variety of working with customers and AVID associates. It’s a great ‘engineering sandbox.'”

    Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, Bob’s childhood dream was to be an engineer like his dad and to work in the space industry. Fresh out of college with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Valparaiso University, Bob joined the Hughes Aircraft team that sent a satellite to Venus to map the planet, the Magellan radar mapper spacecraft. He’s been designing and constructing new products ever since.

    Before joining AVID Labs® in January 2017, Bob held a variety of senior engineering positions with Harris Corp where his efforts produced spaceborne weather cameras, handheld military radios, and microwave electronics for satellites.

    When not working at AVID Labs®, Bob oversees a side business he started 24-years ago. Bob shared with a smile, “It supports my flying hobby and our kids’ college fund.”

    Bob enjoys spending time with his wife of 35-years, Rebekah, their four grown children, Alex, Eric, Hillary, and Madelyn, and grandson, Flynn. A member of the Back 40 Flying Club, he longs to log more flight time and earn his instrument rating, expand his semi-pro photography collection, bicycle, and hit the Lake Tahoe slopes. He’d also like to pick up backpacking and hiking again, hobbies he enjoyed while living in California.

    Asked what super power he’d most like to possess, Bob replied, “I’d love to be a time traveler and go back in time to meet people like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison.” For the product that best represents design and function, he opts for the Apple MacBook Pro.

  • Bob Kartman