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Caleb Nichols

  • Lead Programmer

    “Taking raw material and turning it into a beautiful, functional product,” motivates Caleb to excel in his current role. He joined the shipping area at our sister company, Apollo Design Technology, in 2009, rising to programmer and machinist in 2011. His off-hours pursuits are equally demanding. Caleb is into “drifting cars – pushing cars past what they should be able to do.” When not tinkering with his car or competing in drifting races, he enjoys the company of his young daughter and aspires to be known as a “loyal friend, loving father, hard worker and crazy driver.”

    Caleb is a member and supporter of the National Rifle Association “because the second amendment is still relevant today.” His choice for the product that best combines design and functionality is the 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R, an iconic sports car never manufactured outside of Japan.

  • Caleb Nichols