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David Stauss

  • Assembly Supervisor

    When most boys are bitten by the show-biz bug, they imagine themselves in front of an audience, basking in the limelight and awash in applause. Not David Stauss. Dave, the Technical Development Assistant for Apollo Design Technology, “always wanted to be in the entertainment industry” but “working behind the scenes.” He thrives on “fixing things,” “being part of new projects,” “seeing solutions that may not be obvious to others” and supplying the backstage expertise that creates the illusion in front of the curtain. Perhaps his aspiration was fueled by running lights and sound for his church when he was still in middle school, or even earlier – helping his father do the same.

    Away from work, he and his wife are devoted to their son and daughter. The family – which includes a nine-year-old dog “who acts like she’s nine months”– can be found visiting the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo on most weekends or simply “relaxing at home.” A dedicated bicyclist, he’s had to curtail his passion for pedaling to spend time with his daughter.

    Dave was class salutatorian at Full Sail University, earning an associate’s degree in Show Production and Touring. Prior to joining the Apollo team in 2008, he was the set electrician for a company recognized as a worldwide leader in live, touring family experiences and was the pyrotechnics operator for a traveling ice show presented by one of the most successful entertainment conglomerates in the world. Here’s a hint: its mascot is a famous mouse. A prodigy in his profession, Dave’s first job was as the Technical Director for Fort Wayne’s Grand Wayne Center.

  • David Stauss