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Matt Green

  • Production Supervisor

    If he could pick a super power, Matt Green would opt for flight, but he should be allowed a second choice. He has that nailed. As an Airborne Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Air Force, Matt was awarded the Air Medal and matter-of-factly explains, “I provided information to ground-based coalition forces and helped to find, fix and eliminate threats.” That high-stress, collaborative experience serves him well in his lower-stress, earthbound role as Production Supervisor with Apollo Design. Matt is adept at analyzing situations, teamwork and simply listening. Asked the kind of problem he’s best at solving, the confident, veteran problem solver replies, “One that I’ve gathered experience to solve but haven’t encountered yet.”

    Away from work, he follows a variety of sports, voraciously reads books on aviation and history, explores the Indiana countryside on his motorcycle, enjoys meeting with a small group from his church, and is an especially devoted family man. He and his wife Laura have been married “10 short years.” The have an adopted son and they are working to adopt a child from China. He and Laura also sponsor a child in Indonesia through Compassion International, a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world. Their terrier Lilly rounds out the family.

    Holder of a bachelor’s degree in history from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, Matt joined Apollo in 2016. His first job – as “a jack of all trades at a Mom and Pop hardware store” – instilled a commitment to customer service and prepared him to handle an unpredictable grab bag of questions and quandaries. His earliest childhood ambition was to pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals, but it wasn’t long before he knew he wanted to be a military officer. Across the arc of his career, from hardware clerk to the Air Force to Apollo, he follows the best advice he ever received: “Be willing to listen and slow to anger.”

  • Matt Green