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Nick Burchell

  • Mechanical Engineer Technologist

    Busy in his role as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist with AVID Labs, Nicholas Burchell also has been an Army National Guardsman since 2013 and this year rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Guard’s Aviation Branch. That’s why Nick describes the perfect weekend as being “at home, enjoying some peace and quiet.” Away from work, “I’m passionate about the Guard,” he says. “I love learning all I can about the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and becoming a better leader in the process.”

    Holder of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology from Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW), Nick joined AVID Labs in 2016, and is both a team player and a natural leader. “I’m known for helping others,” he says, “and I have a knack for planning. I like brainstorming an idea and seeing it through until it’s a working prototype.” Accomplishments in the Guard and IPFW have prepared him for his role at AVID Labs. He’s earned he IPFW Top 50 Award, IPFW Mastodon Award of Excellence Cavalry Saber, German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency, and was awarded the title of Distinguished Military Science Cadet by the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).

    As a boy, he wanted to be a fighter pilot, and to this day he believes the perfect melding of design and functionality is the United States Air Force’s A-10 Thunderbolt II jet aircraft. Also called the “Warthog” or “Hog” by USAF personnel, the A-10 was designed to provide quick-action support for ground troops. “I just love how they had to develop a plane around its 30 millimeter cannon,” says the young man who, if he could have any super power, would choose “super speed, like the Flash.” Adept as he is at taking orders and following the chain of command, Nick also has an engineer’s innate curiosity. That’s why he feels the best advice he ever received was: “Never hesitate to ask questions.”

  • Nick Burchell