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Will Linnemeier

  • Sales Director

    Following his father’s sage advice – “Live your life; don’t let it live you” – Will Linnemeier artfully balances a successful career in sales with a fulfilling family life. That’s not surprising, since balance comes naturally to a man who was a professional water skier at SeaWorld and Cypress Gardens. He transitioned to a sales role with a nationally known plastic fabrication company, staying for over 20 years and rising to the rank of Vice President before joining Apollo Design in 2015 as Sales Director. Skilled in networking, relationship building and resolving issues, Will seeks results that benefit both Apollo and its customers.

    Away from work, Will says he and his wife Becky can be found “around the water” in the summer and “snow skiing or reading in front of the fire” during the winter. “I have been blessed with a great wife and 3 amazing kids,” he adds. “The kids all got her looks and brains. They all enjoy surfing, boating, water and snow skiing.”

    Holder of a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Ball State University, Will recalls cutting lawns as his first job – a good fit for someone who enjoys the outdoors – then working as a busboy at an upscale restaurant overlooking the skyline of Fort Wayne and a popular spot for business meals – a good fit for someone who would ultimately excel in sales. He also recalls his childhood dream was to be a professional water skier, a goal he achieved early.

  • Will Linnemeier