Custom Stainless Steel, 4-head, Adjustable, RGBW, IP68 fixture

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Avid Labs® recently solved a custom lighting problem for the Bicentennial Celebration this summer in Illinois.

The design team for the project got their hands on one of our AVERE® 3 COB RGBW fixtures and loved it. However in order to make it work, a few custom changes were requested. “Of course!” was the response to the customization request, which is usual for Avid Labs.

The final product was a custom Stainless Steel, 4-head, Adjustable, RGBW, IP68 fixture, as can be seen above. Custom cable lengths, color finish, literature, and UL certification was delivered as well.

Look for this amazing fixture at the Bicentennial Plaza – One of the Signature Projects for the 200th anniversary of Illinois’ Statehood.