A product’s design has various levels of value to different customers. What one customer loves about a product and its design can have little to no value to another customer. Here are some general rules that can be said about design. Great product design has a positive or neutral impact on customer perceptions. Poor design has a negative or neutral impact on the customer’s perceptions. It can also be said that each product, its design, performance and quality impacts the customer’s perception of a brand. To simplify we should always strive for a strong design in products as the beginning foundation of any product. It helps promote the product, protect and reinforce the brand and create opportunity for an upside financially.

Have your ever seen a Ferrari ad? They don't advertise because the brand is so strong and the designs speaks for themselves. Is there any single vehicle that competes on par with the off road perceptions of the Jeep? Jeeps hold their value better than Mercedes and BMW’s. Great design increases the product value 5-10%, this is a safe number for those that need a hard number.

When it comes to product design sometimes you knock it out of the park and it changes the world, other times you strike out. How do we measure success, the risk/reward that is difficult to measured? Let me answer by asking this. What was the value of the first iPhone design or the first HP printer? Every hour you put into product design has rewards that are difficult to quantify and measure. Great design is about work and hours dedicated to the product. It is about challenging each part of the product to create a new paradigm. An ability to see the product in the market from a different perspective. Setting the product apart in a sea of products and advertising, all with a single minded goal to create value.