The AVERE® collection of lights revolutionize LED fixtures.

Designed and engineered by AVID Labs®, AVERE® fixtures are built by its sister company Apollo Design® from rugged, machined aircraft-grade aluminum.

The AVERE® product line is a top contender for professional lighting designers, the rental market, and amateurs. The simple “plug and go” installation and subtle aesthetics allow AVERE® fixtures to blend into architectural sites such as retail stores, churches, hotels, resorts, sports venues, and events, in addition to theater and stage installations.

The AVERE® light fixtures foster creative lighting design and provide an ongoing cost-effective solution, along with the ability to use dimmer packs, barn doors, top hats, and gel frames.

The fixtures use a variety of bulbs providing flexibility on wattage, lumen, beam angle, and color-rendering indexes. The bulbs can upgrade as the LED industry continues to improve efficiency and light output.

AVERE® lights are self-cooling and fanless, minimizing noise, ongoing maintenance, and associated costs.

Custom color and design features are available.

The AVERE® fixtures are proudly engineered and built in the U.S.A. The units deliver all the features required in a subtle, flexible way while its durability and upgradeability provide cost-effectiveness. The AVERE® line of LED fixtures is second to none in the LED market.

There is virtually no limit to what we can do together.

AVERE® LED Standard Design Features:

  • ✔ Beautiful Color Rendering
  • ✔ Incredible UV Output
  • ✔ Smooth Dimming
  • ✔ UL Listed
  • ✔ UL Outdoor Rated for Wet Locations
  • ✔ “Plug and Go” Installation
  • ✔ Superior Build Quality
  • ✔ Self-Cooling
  • ✔ Fanless
  • ✔ Flexibility on Bulb Selection

AVERE® LED Fixture Particulars:

  • AVERE® 3 PAR 20 Can
  • – A gimbal fixture, it is track light compatible and available with either an Edison or GU24 base.
  • AVERE® 3S PAR 38
  • – Use any standard or wireless PAR 30 or PAR 38 bulb, with the option of an Edison or GU24 base, in this track light compatible fixture.
  • AVERE® 3 Wash – COB Low Voltage
  • – A compact, low voltage COB fixture, this unit delivers powerful output in an IP68, outdoor rated design.
  • AVERE® 3 Wash – MR16
  • - The compact fixture will accept any standard MR16 bulb.
  • AVERE® 4UV
  • - A compact 365nm UV LED fixture with a fanless cooling design, a 22º standard beam (15º and 35º optional beam) and ELV dimming. It requires just 18.5 watts of power and has wireless control over a fully tunable spectrum.
  • AVERE® 4 PAR 20 Can
  • – Use any standard or wireless PAR 20 bulb in this fixture, with the option of an Edison or GU24 base.
  • AVERE® 5 PAR 30 Can
  • – This fixture provides high output with wireless control.
  • AVERE® 6 PAR 38 Can
  • – Use any standard or wireless PAR 38 bulb in this fixture with the option of an Edison or GU24 base.