• UV Inspection

    Ultraviolet (UV) lights are currently used for many different procedures across a wide range of industries such as medical, manufacturing and food production. UV lights are used in numerous ways because they are very versatile and resourceful tools for improving and maintaining quality.

    When UV light is used for inspection a UV light is shined onto the item under examination. The UV light shines a light output near ultra violet which comes across to the human eye as clear. As the UV light is shined onto the item the elements on and within the item that contain phosphor emit a glow. For example, trace dyes used in detecting oil leaks contain phosphor. When trying to detect an oil leak trace dyes can be added into the oil in the car. Then, when a UV light is shined onto the car, oil leaks which would be hard for the human eye to see can become easy to spot under the UV light as the leaking oil will glow. The UV light thus, makes the oil leak clearly and effortlessly visible which saves time by reducing the amount of time needed to inspect for leaks and can save money.

    Cabinet Manufacturer

    Many glues used within the cabinet industry naturally contain phosphors, hence, UV light within the cabinet industry is a great tool to be used with the glue inspection process. During the cabinet making process, whether the cabinets are assembled through an automated process or manual operative intervention if too much or too little glue is used this will hurt the overall quality of the cabinet. If too much glue is used the glue will seep and leak through onto areas of the cabinets where the glue is not meant to be present. When the glue spreads onto the wrong areas of the cabinet this can impact the quality of the product by staining the wood and wrecking the paint job. Excess glue can also wreck the texture of the wood which can create more work with sanding the glue off, decrease efficiency in the creation of the cabinet or possibly wreck the quality of the product if the glue goes unnoticed.

    Through the use of a UV light, such as the AVERE™ 4UV, the UV light can be shined on the cabinet right after the gluing process. Glue that has leaked through onto areas where glue is not meant to be will emit a glow, thereby easily alerting the cabinet inspector of the glue which needs to be wiped off and removed promptly before it dries. Discovering the wet glue easily and quickly improves the quality of the cabinet, saves time and saves money.

    UV lights are an easy and very effective way to inspect and maintain quality control in the production of cabinets. Contact AVID Labs® to purchase the AVERE™ 4UV and for AVID Labs® lighting products for inspection and quality control.

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