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3D Modeling/Rapid Prototyping


    3D Model of AVERE 3

    It’s an exciting time when you hold a prototype of a design that you developed from a mere thought to real parts that form a product.

    Prototypes are an invaluable part of the product development process. The purpose of building prototypes is to communicate ideas, capture knowledge and improve product designs. The days of working on a lathe and mill to build prototypes are over. 3D modeling allows prototypes to be created much faster, with more progress towards the end goal and more affordably.

    Our team builds 3D models early and often to prove or disprove concepts. This rapid cycling requires focus on the fundamental issues and creative problem solving. The 3D prototypes allow us to debug, evaluate dimensions, fit and analyze assemblies to make everything work.

    3D Model of AVERE 3

    The 3D prototypes also enable you to see and use the product in ways two-dimensional drawings cannot. We create a looks-like/works-like prototype of your product where parts really work, bulbs and LEDs actually turn on and clips click the way they are supposed to. And they can be made to work that way day after day.

    For prototypes entering the final stages of presentation to your customers and prospects, we can offer painting and plating options to give you the look of a production product.

    Whether it is a simple mock-up, marketing model or certification test prototype, we can get you high quality functional prototypes quickly.

    Let us create your 3D model.

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