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Product Design


    When a product is designed well it will naturally attract more buyers. An investment in design will have a direct impact on your ROI.

    Pencil sketches are where we start...


    • Provide market research and opportunity analysis
    • Brainstorm functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, and product improvements
    • Define product goals and project constraints
    • Develop concepts with hand-sketches and graphic renderings
    • 3D modeling
    • Photorealistic rendering
    • Concept presentations
    • Integrated design assessment

    Pencil sketches are where we start. They allow us to rapidly capture ideas and foster new ones with very little investment. Also, pencil sketches do not feel as “set-in-stone” as computer renderings. They allow more room to imagine and provide direction on important aspects of the product. You know what you need to achieve for your design to succeed.

    When it’s time to narrow the focus, we will build the design in three dimensions using industry leading software programs such as SolidWorks. This software is key to helping us understand your vision and implement your ideas and requirements.

    Design Optimization

    Slightly lighter, stronger, lower-cost, more efficient design isn't good enough. Your product design needs to be just right. Using behavioral modeling algorithms built into SolidWorks, design optimization has become the new standard. Many types of design optimization studies may be required for a new product nut, but in general, they fall under the heading of design optimization cost reduction. The reason that you might want to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio is ultimately to provide the greatest function for the lowest cost.

    At AVID Labs®, there’s no disparity between design and engineering. Our industrial designers work in parallel with our engineers to ensure that every deliverable is realistic, cost-effective and ready for manufacture.

    Once your product is designed, it's imperative it can be produced. Production these days takes all forms – from short-run production of a limited edition to thousands or even millions of parts. The choices for production are different depending on the part's purpose. We will ask questions such as, “How many parts will you be making? What's the expected lifetime of a part? What is the target price?”


    Nothing tells your product’s story like putting it in context. Our powerful rendering software will help communicate your vision in context scenes, cutaway and exploded views and imagery that can be used in marketing communications.

    We create visual representations of your product that can be printed in high resolution or sent via e-mail as high-definition PDF files. These renderings allow you to gain feedback from key stakeholders and potential customers.

    We can help with your product design.

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