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Product Development


    Transform your vision into a real product

    Whether you’re looking to transform your vision into a real product or just want to apply the finishing touches, our team will deliver fast, creative, intelligent and user-friendly solutions. We’re not just stylists, we’re problem solvers.

    If you’re just getting started, bring us a sketch or a concept that you want to explore. Tell us your aspirations and project requirements. Tell us your changes and concerns. We will help you develop your idea into an elegantly designed finished product.

    Our goal is to get you from blank page to robust solutions with speed and accuracy. We pride ourselves on finding manufacturing solutions that are cost-effective, operationally efficient and elegant in execution.

    AVERE™ 6 PAR 38

    We enjoy tackling challenges others might not have the ability or expertise to handle. Bring us your project requirements. Don’t be surprised if we ask questions, dive deeply into the specifications and bring a few suggestions. We strive to see the complete picture so you can too.

    We value intellectual property highly. We understand the angst an inventor feels when sharing ideas with others. For more information about intellectual property and our suggestions on protecting your idea, please see our section on Patents.

    Let us help you develop your product.

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