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Dyslexic/Visual Stress Reading Ruler

  • Dyslexic/Visual Stress Reading Ruler


    Reading aid for children affected with Dyslexia / Visual Stress


    Design, engineer and manufacture a reading aid to help individuals, primarily children, affected with Dyslexia / Visual Stress.

    Visual Stress, also known as Meares-Irlen syndrome, is not the same as dyslexia but individuals diagnosed with dyslexia are often bothered by Visual Stress too.

    Visual Stress affects an individual’s ability to read. Some of the symptoms include; headaches, blurry images, light sensitivity, print distortion, rapid fatigue and slow reading rate. About 5% of the population is severely affected and 20% is somewhat affected by Visual Stress.

    Colored overlays are a proven solution to help reduce the effects of Visual Stress. They can increase the reading speed by more than 25%. The color of the overlay is an individual’s preference. Yellow might help one individual while blue works better for another.

    Dyslexic/Visual Stress Reading Ruler Color Options


    We approached the project with the child in mind. We asked the questions, “What would a child want? “What would encourage a child to use this aid regularly? “

    We designed a product with modern styling and functionality. The reading ruler combines the benefits of color page tinting, visual tracking support, a ruler and a bookmark. Children are more likely to use the reading ruler since it is unobtrusive and convenient. The reading ruler is available in a variety of colors to allow the individual to choose what works best for them.

    Dyslexic/Visual Stress Reading Ruler in Use