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Focus Wrenches

  • Project

    Versatile focusing wrenches for lighting professionals


    As a part of the entertainment lighting industry, we saw the need for customized wrenches to allow lighting professionals to quickly tighten or loosen a variety of clamps and fixtures, lock the tilt, move lights, open road cases and many other tasks.



    A series of wrenches, including the BTS Wrench and a group named The Little Focus Wrenches, were designed and manufactured. The BTS Wrench has a standard adjustable crescent and a customized end for standard bolts used in the lighting industry. It also has a center opening, for connecting to a lanyard, allowing it to be easily rotated when adjusting lighting fixtures. The Little Focus Wrenches are made from stacked layers of durable stainless steel to create a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing design. The curved contours of the wrench allow it to fit nicely in your hand.

    Functionality was not sacrificed. The Little Focus Wrenches are very versatile and fits the bolts most common in the lighting industry; square bolts 5⁄16" and 1⁄2"; hex bolts 3⁄4" and wing nuts. They are available in three sizes - 3”, 5” and 6” to allow you to choose the torque that best fits your needs. The BTS and Little Focus Wrenches are the focusing wrenches for all your stage lighting needs.