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Interactive Water Feature

  • Project

    Interactive water display to feature a water resistant lighting fixture.


    Design, engineer and manufacture an interactive water display to feature an IP65 fixture. The display will be used at several tradeshows so durability was important. In addition, specific safety, electrical, water and shipping requirements had to be considered. The quality and aesthetics of the display must represent the company’s brand.

    Interactive Water Feature


    A portable interactive water feature was designed. Water jets are activated (dance) in response to notes being played on a piano keyboard or MP3 player.

    The feature consists of three separate acrylic tanks that contain eight water jets each and a UV reactive colored solution. The multiple tanks allow different colors of water to be use at the same time, increasing the visual impact.

    Audio sampling technology controls the 24 water jets through individual frequency channels. Each channels samples a specific frequency range and amplifies that frequency to a signal. In turn, each signal is fed through a circuit, using software programming.

    A high torque electric motor turns a specially designed magnetic coupling device. Using the coupling, an impeller spins at high RPM’s in a specifically sized flow chamber forcing water through and out of a nozzle. Hidden from the human eye, in each nozzle, the water is pushed through smaller holes to create a laminar type flow and keep the water jet clean and precise.

    A keyboard is connected to the feature allowing the user to create audio notes and control the flow and color of water coming from the jets. An MP3 player, iPod, or even a microphone can also be connected so the water jets dance in response to the music.

    The water feature demonstrated the client’s water resilient product and pulled traffic into the tradeshow space using sight, sound and touch.