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Back-up Truck Safety Light

  • Back-up Truck Safety Light


    Visual alert device for forklifts and trucks in reverse gear.


    Forklifts, trucks and other moving equipment operating in noisy environments presents a safety risk to employees. The audible alert - “Beep. Beep. Beep” - is so common it is often ignored or doesn’t even register with the employee due to the noise level or the familiarity of the sound. The client requested a visual alert solution that attaches to a variety of vehicles and works off a wide range of variable voltage. The fixture would alert when the vehicle is put into reverse gear.


    Design, engineer and manufacture a small LED fixture that quickly and easily mounts on a wide-variety of vehicles. When the vehicle is in reverse gear, the fixture shines a distinct, tightly focused beam of colored light on the floor. The fixture accepts variable input voltage of 12V - 48V for use on an extensive range of equipment. The fixture is IP68 rated so it can be used outside in weather. If a more intense visual alert is required, an optional strobbing feature is available. The combination of the back-up audible alert and the new visual alert greatly increases employee safety.

    Back-up Truck Safety Light