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AVID Labs®

PassionateAbout Product Design!
  • AVID Labs®, LLC is passionate about product design. We partner with clients to create innovative, functional, elegant products and then bring those products to market. Our expertise is in the conception, design, engineering services and manufacture of unique products.

    Let our team help you create the product you envisioned.

    Together, we can make great things!

  • Let us help you bring your product to life
    When you choose AVID Labs®, you will find individuals with a passion to solve problems. We specialize in taking projects from inception to production with all the intricate steps along the way. The success of your product is very important to us. Together, we can make great things!
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  • Our work touches industries ranging from entertainment lighting to software, from retail operations to professional sports teams, from nonprofit organizations to manufacturing firms. Our clients include inventors, startups, Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between.

    Dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs and businesspersons can all benefit from product design. Our skill is to delve into the finite details of an idea and help make our client’s dream product become a reality.

  • Our design specialists meld innovation, design and business needs into compelling products that people love. They come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a unique perspective to every problem.

    The team works in a multidisciplinary environment to create sketches, computer renderings, 3D modeling, and finished designs of products that deliver amazing user experiences backed up with rational, well-thought-out technical solutions.

  • Joining forces from many different backgrounds, we are unified in our will to creatively solve problems. It is our desire to not only generate amazing user experiences but to also create sound objects, backed up with rational, well thought out technical solutions.

    While our core competencies are industrial design and manufacturing, we also tap into a talent pool of specialists in complementary disciplines, including research experts, programmers, interaction designers and others.

  • Our creativity is grounded in the real-world constraints of manufacturability. Our in-house production capabilities include a 3D CAD/CAM package, CNC lathes and mills, lasers and a comprehensive array of manual equipment.

    We understand materials and production processes. Our prototyping and production documentation capabilities ensure that we bring our design concepts to market affordably and effectively.