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Taylor Davis

  • Director of Business Development & Project Management

    Taylor Davis approaches each new challenge with confidence. Asked what problem he is best at solving, he replies, “The problem at hand.” It’s a confidence instilled by his natural curiosity and restless creativity. “I’ve been designing and building things for as long as I can remember,” he says. “I moved from Legos® to the wood shop to robotics in high school to an engineering degree to AVID Labs®.” Taylor joined the AVID Labs® team as a Design Engineer in 2016, fresh from a mechanical engineering role at another Fort Wayne firm and aiming to achieve his creative potential. “I have a knack for coming up with really good ideas,” he explains. “I’m known to be contagiously enthusiastic and passionate about great design. Aesthetically and functionally, I want to create the best products on the market – top-shelf stuff.”

    Away from work, he enjoys “hanging out with my wife and dog at home or disc golfing.” He describes his wife Laura as “the most creative person I’ve ever met” and his dog Pepper, a Goldendoodle, as “cuter than any dog you’ve ever seen.” He offers his skills to Habitat for Humanity and participates in road and neighborhood trash collection, noting, “I like to improve the look and feel of the city I live in.” He also works with Food for the Hungry and his church’s partnership with a village in Nicaragua. His interests are as wide ranging as his energetic volunteerism. “I’m passionate about big-picture stuff,” Taylor says. “I can talk endlessly about society, space, physics and our place in all of it. I like making a contribution to the world, and creating new things is my best path to do that.”

    Holder of a bachelor’s degree in design engineering technology from Trine University, Taylor feels the best super power to have would be “time control – no question,” and considers “high-end folding knives” to be the product that best represents both design and functionality, especially SOG® Specialty Knives. “They’re beautiful, durable, functional, and the blade changes as you use it.” Asked about his childhood ambition, Taylor answers, “I hoped to become my dad.” He proudly adds, “I’m on the right track.”

  • Taylor Davis