AVID Labs® Awarded Two Patents

AVID Labs®, LLC was recently awarded two patents.

Patent #10,076,993 – Lighting device with visible light illumination and ultraviolet light illumination that is broader than the visible light illumination and vehicle having the same.

Joel Nichols, Chief Innovation Officer for AVID Labs® LLC, stated, “The UV enhanced safety light compliments our experience with building UV lights. UV does an amazing job of ‘popping’ any safety reflective coating.”

Joel continued, “We knew if we could increase the visual contrast without widening the white light beam that we could create a safer light for many applications. Its first deployment is in underground mining.”

Patent #10,078,055 – LED strobe

The LED strobe is part of a forklift truck safety light system.

Joel said, “The LED strobe met a customer’s demand for a faster strobe light with a very flat power curve. It had to come on very fast then hold the power output tight, within 5% of target. The application was camera-assisted high-speed product inspection for web applications. We were able to use some trick programming and capacitors to get this high energy hit and achieve the final design. We are looking for a 2019 deployment of this product.”

Joel added, “These are two examples of the AVID team delivering on challenging applications. ”

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